Trace the sun

The last couple of weekends have been fenomenal.
Lots of time spent with friends making random memories and enjoying the company of dear ones.

(In between, I have been listening to some Spanish podcasts and finding that while I appreciate the usability of the phrases and words they are teaching me, I am longing for some grammar. I feel like that’s weird, but there it is. Anyway, minor rant over)

Here is a brief glimpse at the fun times I have been pursuing in an effort to make the most of my last weeks before setting off on my next adventure. (Primarily in scenery, because I am still more comfortable posting personal photos than close-ups of other people – and I take pictures of others more than myself 🙂 )

Last weekend….

We’re a band. With the Fremont Troll (who incidentally ate our instruments).

Pool in Ballard. I opted to document.

This weekend…

4 hours boating on Lake Chelan. Perfect.

A gorgeous afternoon on Puget Sound.

Sunset at Discovery Park. Friends observe as I move a stump to then epically jump off of.

(first photo: random stranger, middle three: me, last two: Kelsey)


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