Estoy aqui

Hola mis amigos – de Panama!

I have two posts’ worth of things to say. We’ll make this first one about Panama and the second one more contemplative and about the future/”my” plans.

Can we say hello humidity?! It being the rainy season, I’m not sure if that contributes or if it’s just the tropical climate. I’m guessing it’s the latter. Regardless, the past two days I have foregone moisturizer and any makeup beyond mascara. It hasn’t been terribly hot yet – in fact right now (as it rains more than I’ve seen in a while, even in Seattle the past few months) it’s a low 77. I am not complaining. 🙂

Being the weekend and that the girls aren’t in school, most of the time has been spent chilling around the house (which, being in a gated Embassy community is not all that Panamanian, and in fact is downright luxurious at some points. My own room which probably compares to the size of our living room in Bellevue and adjacent bathroom? Not complaining.).

I have, however, noticed the birds of paradise in the back yard (one of my favorite tropical flowers). And just down the road across from the US Embassy is the metropolitan rainforest – complete with sloths, snakes, monkeys etc. (Please note I will be, at all costs, avoiding the snakes.)

Today I had my first experience driving in Panama. It was uneventful, being a Sunday and there were few drivers on the road – but I felt somewhat accomplished nonetheless.

Yesterday we went to a (HUGE) mall to see Toy Story 3 (in Spanish). So many people, but apart from mostly unfamiliar stores and the prevalence of Spanish, it did not seem too different from a mall back in the States. The movie, though, was only $4! Waiting in line for popcorn though, it was interesting to see 10 people working behind the counter and approximately two customers being served at a time.

I will plan to take my camera tomorrow as we venture out more, so feel free to expect pictures soon. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Estoy aqui

  1. Your living situation in Panama sounds beautiful. Between the birds of paradise in the back yard, the rainforest climate, and your luxurious embassy accommodations, it sounds like a five-star hotel at a rather desirable tourist destination!

    p.s. Wasn’t Toy Story 3 great?

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