Flexibility Part 2!

Firstly, just wanted to offer my thanks and appreciation for your continued support and encouragement – especially considering the previous post. 🙂

Secondly, 24 hours later, things might have changed again.
I am torn between appending “maybe” to any proclamation of plans and just remaining vague until I have something concrete to offer.

Basically, I have discovered that little is fixed as far as scheduling goes. And that “little” includes the time of departure from Panama. Today some unforeseen external factors came into play regarding when would be the best time to transition back to DC. So! Maybe we’ll move at the end of August. Maybe in December. Maybe next June.

No se nada!

And I thought I was good at going with the flow before – ha! 🙂

Every day I grow more comfortable being here – and although I know it will take a long time before I am completely confident and at ease, I am doing my best to accept this fact and just persevere.

Today I…
– saw lots of centipedes on the tennis court (and disregarded them)
– had a briefly unhappy digestive tract – courtesy (I think) of a frappuccino (that tasted quite delicious, actually)
– collaborated to make some delish roasted vegetable lasagna


2 thoughts on “Flexibility Part 2!

  1. I am loving reading your guiless posts! I hope you continue to share you travels with such transparency, otherwise, I feel like this life adventure may grow you up and change you into a difference person without my knowing! 🙂
    I am so excited for you and for all the ways you are being pushed and challenged!
    I think God is using this trip to ‘groom’ you and prepare you for even bigger and crazier adventures in years to come. So just be malleable, and let these different interactions, experiences, and inward reflections shape you into the amazing women God made you to be!
    AND- who knows how you’ll be used to bless others in the meantime! Have you listened to Mark Driscoll’s Vintage Jesus series? I just finished Part 8 & I’m loving it so far. It’s a good refresher for Christians to know what to say when people ask you who this Jesus guy is anyways.

    Well- I miss you much-but I’m really glad you’re having crazy adventures and working hard because that’s right where you need to be.

    Love always,
    ~Brit ❤

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