week one.

It’s almost official.
At this moment it is 8:51 and in 20 minutes, I will have been in Panama for an entire week.

Despite the rather glaring lack of interesting events in my life over the past week, it seems like a long time has passed since I left the States.

I haven’t had terribly grand adventures or become fluent in Spanish (or really become any more proficient at all).
Although I suppose I might consider driving in Panama something of an accomplishment?

It seems this job will provide ample time for reflection and thought.
Through living with another family and helping to raise two young girls, my perspectives on marriage and parenthood and even adulthood (will it always feel like I never get there?) are likely to be transformed and take a distinguishable shape.

I am excited and nervous to discover how I fit into these girls’ lives. Excited to have the opportunity to influence for good. Nervous to be responsible for their well-being.

There is a lot of figuring out left to do. Not that I expected to have everything set within the first week, but I don’t think I realized how often the scales would need to be adjusted and readjusted to find balance.

But then that’s kind of life in general – always adapting.

In other news – there are birds that sometimes sound remarkably like the smoke monster from Lost. It’s weird.


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