More of life in Panama

Tomorrow is my first Spanish lesson. I’ve been finding that (depending on the topic of conversation), I can understand and read far more easily than I can speak. Partially because of the similarities to French, Latin and English – which I can ascertain but don’t know what they are to then say.

I haven’t really established a morning routine yet for the couple of hours while both girls are at school. On two days one of those hours will be dedicated to Spanish – and maybe I’ll work out those mornings and go exploring the others?

My experience of Panama as a foreign country varies. In many ways, the past American influence remains present. Additionally working for an American family and living in a gated community with ridiculously large and beautiful houses (downstairs windows barred – required by the Embassy) doesn’t really give one the impression of being outside the States.

But then you get outside the former Canal Zone.

Hmm – it seems the dichotomy deserves more concentrated thought than my cursory blog post will give it.
Perfect! I was looking for a writing project. 🙂

On Saturday, headed to Casco Viejo with Nora and some friends in the afternoon to watch the Spain/Paraguay game and then wander around.

(I kept the pictures small – but you can always click them for a larger version 🙂 )

lamppost in Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo

Oh look, it’s me and Panama City.

On the roof of Paul’s apartment looking across part of Casco Viejo

I borrowed Sean’s 70-300mm lens while we were up on the roof 🙂


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