Here and there

As I was watching S stroke the length of the pool at swim lessons yesterday afternoon, two thoughts came to me.

  1. I should swim more – it’s such good exercise. (And immune from the humidity)
  2. Once I get past the initial resistance to change and transition, I seem to adapt to new situations fairly quickly.

No, I don’t know my way around any part of Panama City outside the Clayton/Albrook area. My communication skills are still incredibly limited.
But it’s not strange to be here. It’s no stranger to say that I live in Panama than to say I lived in Washington.

I can’t say whether this is an indirect coping mechanism or the result of being fascinated with my surroundings, be they the familiar stomping grounds of my childhood or an unknown country.

All the same I love hearing from friends two time zones away. I love feeling like I’m in the loop with what’s happening – even if it’s all so far away. Maybe I flatter myself that I have an audience of people who read my blog because they’re interested in what I’m doing (for which I should probably offer some apologies – I seem to manage only sporadic updates that abound with details. You’re always welcome to request less philosophizing, and I will try to oblige 😉 ). But just like you are interested in my life and thoughts (or you’re incredibly bored), so am I interested in yours.

One of the joys that I have discovered over the past few years following high school is that I have many friendships that span time and distance. Not to say that proximity does not play a part in the level of closeness. I don’t know nearly as many of the day-to-day details of the lives of my high school best friends as I did five or six years ago. But I do know that I still cherish them and love the opportunities I have to reunite with them. It is a delight to see college friendships continue in the same way, and while I have come to grips with (or ignored – but both to the same end) the fact that some people do fade out of your life, I choose to rejoice in those friends that linger and prove as steadfast and inescapable as family.

3 things that happened today:

  • I played tennis and won (…the most balls hit over the fence…)
  • Nora and I took the girls to the park (see above) before dinner. 1 kilometer/mile (somewhere in there) away – Nora biked with the girls in a “trailer” there and I drove. The I rode the bike and she drove back (with the girls…there was a large-ish size hill involved, and the prospect of me towing two 40+ pound girls up it was not promising).
  • I went to the store with our housekeeper and someone helped us out with our groceries…which I didn’t ask for (obviously, considering my current Spanish skills) and then he expected a tip which I awkwardly didn’t give him at first. So I was that gringa…oops.

1 thing I like about Panama:
– going for a walk at 8 am yesterday under mostly-overcast skies and coming back with a tan line.

1 thing I dislike about Panama:
– the daily discovery of new bites (mosquito, as far as I can tell)

1 author’s note:
– As you may have noticed, I am addressing the two girls by their first initials. At this point I haven’t discussed their parents’ preferences regarding the girls’ (however indirect) presence online. Therefore I will continue to try to avoid the details.


3 thoughts on “Here and there

  1. –I’m glad you feel so comfortable in Panama- I think you were born a natural traveler & adventurer.

    –Next time we hang out, we should play tennis since you’re getting so good these days! I say this assuming I am included among the friends you mentioned who last a lifetime and thus will see you again once you return from your expoits.

    –Make sure you don’t get malaria over there! I’m concerned about all those bug bites. :/
    ok- that’s all for now.
    I am going to leave soon to go run with the Flying Irish from O’Doherty’s. A good way to end my crazy day and the crazy farm. 🙂

    • Haha, as far as being good at tennis – not so much 😉 But yes – you certainly are one of those lifelong friends. 🙂

      I’m not too worried about malaria – when I got shots before I came, the doctor did not prescribe pills for while I’m in the city…it’s not that much of a risk here. I do have some pills in the event that I venture into an area of higher risk 🙂

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