And we’re rolling

Today is my first day flying solo. Intimidating? Yes. But onward and upward, eh?

There are protests in the city today, and I was advised to avoid Casco and the downtown area. As I have Spanish this morning and the girls have swimming this afternoon, not a big deal, but interesting. Since this is the only Central American country I have visited, I can’t really compare it to others as far as its relative danger goes – but generally, I think it is probably one of the safer.

On Friday the girls and their mom fly to California, and I will follow suit on Tuesday (that flight was significantly cheaper, apparently). So I will be entirely at my leisure for the weekend. This is both exciting and a bit unnerving. It’s nice having a home base that includes people who speak Spanish and are at least somewhat familiar with the area. But considering my penchant for planning, I’m not too worried. (Suddenly I realize how contradictory that is with the way life here has been going, but oh well…I plan where I can.) Now it just comes down to figuring out what I want to do! There are so many options (and such limited cash, haha). I’m sure I’ll figure something out by Friday. ๐Ÿ™‚


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