On driving and this weekend

Note to self: when blogging at midnight, either carefully re-read before posting or save as a draft.

But seriously – speed bumps? I am not a fan (and rarely comply). It is especially annoying when people slow to a near stop for them. I don’t think I’ve ever been an especially patient driver, and this doesn’t help matters.

Today I had the opportunity to drive the girls + mom to the airport for their flight to California. There was traffic, and we were running a little bit late (which is a bit unnerving when it is regarding an international flight). Since I would be driving back solo in an unfamiliar area, I was the one driving to the airport as well. So we come into some traffic not too far into the journey. There’s a light up ahead, and the intersection is a disaster. Cross traffic is backed up to their own light (through the intersection), so when our light turns green, about two cars are able to sneak through). There was some freaking out from the passenger seat, and while I – not being on the flight – wasn’t too stressed about the less than two hours before departure, I was feeling some tension from all the cars and merging and striding-the-middle-line motorcycles.

As another light comes and goes and we are now a handful cars from the intersection – it is obvious that we won’t make the next light. There are three lanes of traffic heading our direction, the right lane turns off, and I am in the middle. So, we conclude our only option is to claim the tantalizing spot of concrete that is in our lane up by the crosswalk and wide enough to fit a vehicle. Hello creating my own lane! As I sneak up to the front, a car I pass lays on the horn for a good thirty seconds, and I feel his pain, really, but I don’t have the ability to think about anything other than navigating the maze that is the intersection.

Two lanes of cars are packed into the intersection, including a truck that slides in front of us. The car in our left lane sees an opening behind the truck and slides in front of the vehicles still in the intersection. The car next to me follows, and I ease as quickly as I can in front of the car that had been honking before (he resumes). We weave behind the truck and around another car as their lane has the green light, and cars turning left are annoyed with us for claiming the right of way. Finally, we are moving again!

Needless to say, I took the entire ride home to decompress and have decided against running errands this afternoon.

For some reason I am unnerved to be “home alone” for the next 3.5 days. I think partially I am excited to be back in the States.
The other part is just confused and a little bit panicked that I have a long weekend off in Panama – I should do something touristy! But I’m not here to be a tourist, and I don’t have a lot of money to be a tourist. And, I’ll be honest, the idea of visiting museums or things of that nature does not sound appealing at all right now. This leaves hiking/beaches/etc. But it has been rainy. So maybe I’ll just veg? But isn’t that lame – I’m in Panama! But the purpose of my being here is work. But I need to take advantage of my time off!
Ok, so I should do something, but what? There are a lot of places I would like to go – how to choose? If it’s far away should I drive or take a bus? Should I just stay close by because I have free lodging?

As you can tell – I am clearly over-thinking this. But despite my constant counter-points, I am going to stay in the area this weekend. There are other places I want to go, but getting there and back isn’t feasible with my options. So! I will get some shopping done. I might tag along to see what sort of things people I know are doing in Casco Viejo. Weather depending, I might visit Isla Taboga off the coast of Panama City. Or maybe I’ll find something else entirely to do. I’ll let you know.


2 thoughts on “On driving and this weekend

  1. I think you definitely should have an adventure of some sort…even if it’s just a small one. 🙂
    I don’t know what time it is there now, but if it’s not too late, you should find a church to go to and visit with people there. Maybe there’s an afternoon/evening service you could jump into…and who knows what kind of awesome people you’ll meet!?
    Or you should go to a coffee shop and pretend that you’re taking a survey on something random and start asking different people your questions, it may lead to a fun conversation!
    Have you searched online for blogs of other people who explored Panama/the area you’re in? Maybe they’ll have some tips of some must do’s that won’t cost too much money or zap too much energy.
    Wish I was there right now to have a 3 day adventure with you! Someday we will.
    Love you!

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