Mis aventuras sola – part 3

Monday morning I woke up at 8 am to blissfully clear skies and decided to go to the beach

By 9:15 clouds had rolled in, but I decided to go anyway…mostly for a lack of anything else to do (besides keep watching past seasons of “Psych” – all of which I have seen before).

So across the Bridge of the Americas (that big one you see in pictures of Panama City) – which with Panamanian driving is a little high for comfort – and 10 kilometers down the road, I came upon the strip of beach and small cluster of buildings called Veracruz.

In keeping with a certain, seeming general, disinterest in cleaning up, the fringes of the beach were littered with trash. The tide was going out, and garbage lingered in the waves as well. Dirt clouded the water, and not knowing what lingered in the shadows, I didn’t venture too deep. But it was pleasantly warm and refreshing. I haven’t tasted the salt of the Pacific Ocean on my lips in too long.

I also enjoyed having the beach almost entirely to myself. I think I saw a total of 10 other people on the beach, and a handful more up toward the shops on the shore. On the one hand I was a bit protective of my stuff and the potential disaster that would occur should I be robbed without witnesses, but the peace was lovely.

Eventually thunder clouds rolled in and two and a half hours after my arrival, I figured I might as well head home.

It was just as well, too. I had opted for 50 SPF spray on sunscreen, and whether between water and time it washed off or it was never wholly applied, I ended the day with some distinct red lines and random patches. Next time I will stick to the lotion…until then I am moisturizing!


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