I will be sad to see the west coast fade from the window of an airplane tomorrow.

I have enjoyed the clear skies and crisp, dry air of California. The stars and familiar orientation of the poles. Yesterday I spent an hour at a coffee shop and enjoyed the microcosm. I went to the movie theater (yes, alone; yes, to see Inception, which, yes, I loved) and finally recognized something familiar in this summer.

As a tag-along extra to two mini family reunions the last two weeks, I will be glad to return to the routine in Panama.
The families have been great, but sleeping on the floor gets a little old after two weeks.

Technology confession: Having my (US) cell phone again has also been a small delight. Save the four days in Tijuana (note to self: I should probably dedicate a post to that trip), I have talked to family and/or friends almost every night. Some friends I didn’t talk to for months at a time when we lived less than a state apart, but having been unable to call or text on a whim made it all the more precious and rejuvenating.


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