Panama take 2

It wasn’t very monumental – coming back to Panama.
And while I can tell the air is different, either the humidity is less or I don’t notice it as much any more.

Last night either a cockroach or a disgustingly large beetle appeared on my bed. I think it emerged from my air conditioning unit. I would have taken a picture of it, except that I didn’t want to look at it. Needless to say it was taken outside and dumped in a box of trash. Should it happen again, I’m thinking I might get it into a box and then drive over said box with one of the cars. Overkill, perhaps…but I could hardly squish it with a shoe.

Since September 4 is M-for-moving Day, we (by which I mean that I haven’t yet been delegated any tasks, but I’m sure they will come) have already started going through the garage and attic/office. I, of course, won’t pack until the day or two before I leave, considering I only have two suitcases worth of belongings.

The next twenty-eight days are going to be a little on the crazy side. Aside from packing and the pre-transition phase, I have some deep thinking and deciding to do that, honestly, has me wishing I could fast forward to September so I would have already made the necessary decisions. If you think of it, any prayers you might offer on my behalf for clarity would be greatly appreciated.

Yesterday morning after the girls woke up, S pulled out the beginner’s Bible her grandparents gave her, and I was reading some of the stories aloud. As I read the rendition of the Great Commission, I was overwhelmed to remember Jesus’ promise to “be with you always”. The constant presence of God regardless of my location is such a gift (and relief), particularly when I am far from home and my community. Reading Bible stories to a six-year-old also reminded me how great a responsibility it is to raise children – and what a blessing. While moments when I have to put my foot down and exert authority over a crying three-year-old are not my favorite, neither is this job without its joys.


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