Once more

Change in plans. I don’t imagine you’re surprised?

I am still moving on September 4.
I am still moving to the States.
I am still moving to Washington…just not of the DC variety.

My employers concluded (and I had been wondering about this) that, considering the upcoming changes in their lives, it doesn’t make sense to bring me to DC with them. While I would have been happy to go with them, I feel good about this situation.

This job and adventure have turned out much differently than I imagined. I think I made the right choice coming to work as a nanny in Panama, and I am confident that moving back in with my parents is a good next step. Whether I’m there for a few weeks or months is yet to be determined, and where my next adventure lies is as obvious to you as it is to me. 🙂

All I know is that wherever I go – whether it seems mundane or remarkable – things are rarely what I expect and there is always some sort of adventure to be had.

The next four weeks are going to involve a lot of craziness. I have never been a part of packing up an entire house, and much less one that then will be taken to a different country via three separate modes of transportation.

And now I leave you with A) the promise that someday I’ll post something (with far fewer pictures than you’re expecting) about Tijuana and B) a random photo I took in Hawaii last time I was there (2.5 years ago).


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