Here’s your chance

For some reason it took a lot of convincing to post my bucket list. But there it is. Regardless of how likely I am to complete every line of the tasks I assign to myself, I do like to make lists.

Sometimes – like with clothes shopping lists – it’s not necessary to cross off every item (in fact, it might be a better idea to not).
Sometimes – like when you’re at a French pastry shop – it’s okay to add to the pile of treats you were planning to take to that dinner party.

My bucket list borrows both of these ideas.

It is not of the to-do list variety, requiring the completion of every task.
And it is not a fixed list. New items will be added as I think of or discover them.

This list is meant to be a record of goals accomplished and the ways God has blessed me to be able to see the world and experience life on this Earth. And to remind me when I start to stagnate that there are more things to work toward.

All the same, I don’t believe life is just about checking the boxes. It’s about following Christ, living and loving to the best of your (my) ability. I am still focusing on other goals (e.g. maintaining consistency in my devotional life, pursuing a healthy lifestyle in food choices and regular exercise, cultivating curiosity and a lifelong pursuit of learning); however, “the list” will be limited to things that can be completed definitively.

As I reflect on my Panama-specific bucket list, it’s interesting to note how goals change with time and knowledge. I’ve never made a bucket list before because they always seemed so concrete, and my life/passions/path seem everything but concrete. Even as my tourist goals in Panama changed once I arrived, I did not make alterations to the published list. But having a list of things you’d like to do (even a list you give yourself liberty to change) shouldn’t be confining or panic-inducing. Life retains it unpredictability, no matter how you plan for or around it.


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