Life of late

I ran 3/4 of a mile this morning!
I’m not quite sure how this goal is going to pan out. After Friday finding time to get out is going to be tricky since the girls aren’t going to be in school the last two weeks here. I might be able to push myself to run the full mile tomorrow or Friday…we’ll see. The trick then is going to be continuing to run so that I don’t regress. I don’t plan on turning myself into a runner, but it’d would just be nice to have the ability should I periodically feel the desire to run.

Although running at home I won’t have the benefit of quarter-mile markers, it will be delightful to exercise without the high humidity. I don’t know the physics of it all, but the air finds it necessary to suck the water out of a person. So when you compound that with even mild physical exertion…we’ll just say that while it is nice to feel like I’m actually working out, sweaty-dampness is not my favorite feeling.

In other news, my proclivity to productivity (hehe) has been fluctuating constantly. Partially, it’s difficult to coordinate when to do things with the craziness of packing and selling one of the two vehicles. To be sure the other part is laziness. Here are some things I may or may not do in the next 2.5 weeks.

  • go to Portobelo (slash somewhere on the Caribbean)
  • go up Ancon Hill in Panama City
  • go to the Fish Market in Panama City
  • return to Casco Viejo to buy a couple more things from the Kuna merchants
  • go “downtown” to have some pictures of it (this won’t happen though since there’s nothing else I want to do there)
  • ride a bus (this is kind of intimidating since I don’t know the schedule or the destination…something I would feel way better about doing with someone)

The home internet goes off in two days, so unless I can track down an unlocked neighbor’s network, I will be setting aside the looking for jobs I won’t apply for and finding apartments I won’t rent. At any rate, I have written off Tuesday through Friday since the packers will be here to cart the house off in boxes.


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