It’s a puzzle

Life is like this box of puzzles that sat on the coffee table (but has since disappeared into one of the boxes on its way to Washington DC). It hands you an artistic piece of wood. It says, “Here, this is your next task. When you’re through with it, see what beauty you will have created and what a feat you will have mastered. Now, take this ideal apart and make the pieces come together.”

I successfully dismantled and reassembled four out of the six puzzles pictured. The lower left cube and upper right circle were solved without too much sweat or blood. The lower right star required a bit of both, and the partially-pictured cube in the upper left even required a few tears. (but oh! how sweet was that victory!) The middle two, however, I was unable to even disentangle.

Although the next chapter of my life hasn’t come together as easily as the circular puzzle did, I know the pieces are there and it’s just going to take some finagling to coerce them into the shape they’re intended to make. Some life chapter/puzzles – like the cube-of-death! – have pieces that fit only one way. Some are more like the box – containing pieces that I don’t think I ever assembled the same way twice.

Regardless, chapter next is fast approaching. At the time of this posting, nine days from Now, I will be in the air, somewhere between Atlanta and Seattle.

The house is packed. The internet will be turned off tomorrow. I’ll probably make it to an internet cafe at least once before departing for the airport (at 4 am) next Saturday, so this is probably the penultimate post from Panama. But if for some reason I don’t make it back before I’m carried away on a jet plane, see you in the States!


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