To infinity

My least favorite part of unemployment is arguably the necessity of applying for jobs. Being so relatively inexperienced, the jobs I qualify for attract numerous other candidates and so, since I therefore don’t get most (any) of the jobs I apply for, I have to apply for more jobs. This in turn leads to a certain complacency that I have to fight hard against so that at the end of the day I am still proofreading cover letters before I send them off with a resume that has been oh-so-slightly tweaked.

I haven’t taken as much time to ponder and pray over the next phase of my life as I had anticipated. True: I am still, for all intents and purposes, living out of my suitcase and camped out at the parents’ house. But the wheels are sliding easily into the route of least resistance – which has it’s appeals (yes, beyond the simplicity). I like the calm surroundings of my childhood home. I also like the opportunities and community in Seattle. Should I be pushing against my tendency to what I find comfortable?

The necessity of earning money has convinced me that Washington is where it’s at – for the time being, at least.
And perhaps new directions and goals will come along the way that diverge onto roads I can’t see right now.

Somehow I manage to follow “the plan” while completely changing it.

Yes, I studied abroad fall 2008. But instead of going on the school trip to the British Isles, I made my own trip to France.
I got myself overseas after (not quite) a year in Seattle – to the unexpected Panama for a significantly shorter duration than expected.

It might be more beneficial for me to just live where I’m at instead of trying to figure out what tomorrow holds. (literally, tomorrow. My life is flexible/volatile to the extent that I could move within the next week. Although that isn’t likely, it is a definite possibility.)


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