So, what exactly does one do when unemployed?

Let me tell you what I do.

  • Apply for jobs
  • Pray that even though you’re under-qualified or perfectly qualified or over-qualified, someone will call you back
  • Hope that that call back will be for a job you actually wanted
  • Resign yourself to the reality that the jobs you actually want (and even kind of tried hard for) you probably won’t get

Oh, apart from obsessing over the state of being unemployed?

Well, I’ve been working out somewhat consistently. Seeing as I have nothing to do during the day, it’s nice that it only requires a fragment of the motivation it once did. While I still try to get up at 8, if I don’t end up doing that Jillian Michael’s video until 11:30 – no prob. (I have also been running on occasion. No, not a mile. Gonna have to work back up to that one.)

Today I also took advantage of the overabundance of nectarines there are and made a nectarine crisp (and after having some thought, hmm, maybe I’ll blog this. And subsequently thought, hmm, I don’t really feel like going through the effort to actually make this a pretty picture. So you have the following.)

What else have I been doing? Digitizing my quote journals. I have some 1100+ quotes jotted down in a handful of notebooks (yes, dedicated to that very venture), and I have long thought it would be immensely helpful to be able to search through them by topic/word/author/etc. (This would have been immeasurably helpful a few weeks ago when I copied down a duplicate quote…within 2 pages. Yes, I’ll admit this was somewhat preventable.) Today I crossed the halfway mark and now have 604 quotes saved in Evernote (which incidentally, I also use, albeit inconsistently, for storing recipes).

Tomorrow I am will be spending the morning sanding and painting a small table and chair set. My skills know no bounds, let me tell you. (In full disclosure I’ll also say I’ve never used a sander before, but I’m fully confident that, however unsupervised this undertaking may be, I will succeed.)


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