of late

Yesterday I biked about 5 miles. It only took 30 minutes and doesn’t even sound very accomplished, but it’s looking like that’s more exercise than I’m going to motivate myself to accomplish today.

I have been reading voraciously, on occasion. Yesterday I read The Giver, earlier this week I read Water for Elephants, this past Saturday I finished The Eyre Affair, and today I predict significant headway will be made on Columbine.

While both had their moments, I found the season premieres of Glee and House to be rather disappointing. While I will likely continue to follow both shows, it will be entirely at my leisure and courtesy of Hulu. Tomorrow is the season premiere of Supernatural and in 3 months it will be time not only for Christmas, but the Doctor Who special. Now those are two events to look forward to. 🙂

A few days ago it rained and so, unsurprisingly, the world was wet. I took a few pictures.

Images © Sparsile


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