Almost a post

A fear has threatened to descend the last few days, and today it arrived.

It’s named Decision, and it knows how much I loathe the necessity of its presence.

Sometimes I’m decisive.
(But then I’m sure some would point out how inconsistent I am about when those times come, which is, I’m sure, related to indecision.)

I find my thoughts struggle to emerge coherent.
There is too ample time to add to the stockpile, and lately I am unable to allow the necessary discourse to rearrange and make room. So when it comes to this, the moment when I sit to write myself to a conclusion, I open the door to find everything has slid into disarray. I can only pick at a few scraps before succumbing to an overwhelmed defeat.

Perhaps by next time the pieces will have sorted themselves out, or I will have the needed stamina to roll up my sleeves and secure my hard hat.

Images © Sparsile


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