A little bit of France

Today I opened the mailbox and was delighted with the unexpected memory of the Côte d’Azur.

In 2008 I spent three weeks in Nice taking French language classes. As a benefit to the students, the school would host outings, and one that I participated in was a trip to the Fragonard parfumerie in Eze. It turns out that even on a somewhat cooler November afternoon, it really was as perfect as this picture from their website suggests:

Although I stuck to my limited budget and departed with only a sample of perfume, I had filled out one of those visitor information cards with my home address and other demographic information. Around this time last year, I received a pamphlet with their 2009 lines as well as a few samples. I do love free samples, but over the course of the year I gave little thought to the parfumerie housed in a small, medieval town. Today I received the 2010 catalog and samples, and so again my thoughts have turned to this French village.

J’adore la France! I would post more/better photos of the village on the hill but at this point in my trip, the camera was broken. While few of the photos are post-worthy, I enjoy the periodic stroll down blurry stone streets, imagining a fresh baguette in hand.

Second image © Sparsile


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