Monday Link Love

What is this? A series? O_O
Your shock has been duly noted.

Welcome to Monday Link Love! Wherein I share with you fun or interesting links, posts, and news items that I found during the previous week and thought were worth sharing.

What You Need to Know When You Come Home from The Lake (via Jen Lee) – Beautiful and encouraging post.

Eight no carve pumpkin ideas (via tulips and flight suits) – FUN! I am not too creative with the carving knife, and these are some great (non-cheesy) ideas.

2 for $20 candles at Bath and Body Works – Leaves is possibly one of the best fall scents ever.

Deal Near for ‘Hobbit’ Films in 3-D, With Peter Jackson Directing (via TORn) – Hallelujah! And PJ directing! But really? Giving in to the 3-D hype. Sigh.

Pumpkin Pancakes by Tamara Henderson (via They Draw and Cook) – Autumnal breakfast…I can go for that.


One thought on “Monday Link Love

  1. First of all, I am impressed you got this post off today of all days.

    Second, love that post by Jen Lee.

    Third. Haven’t checked on the no-carve pumpkin ideas.

    Fourth. You KNOW I will be hitting up those candles, even though my preferred scent is Fireside…remember? Boys? 😉

    Fifth. THE HOBBIT!!!!!!!!

    SIxth. Mmmm pancakes. Breakfast with Jeff on Saturday?

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