To-Do: blog. Check.

I had a lot of goals today. Resumes to send out and goods to bake, among other more menial reminders like go for a run.

The run devolved into a Jillian Michael’s video (although I made no progress in my lack of running endurance, I probably worked harder). And although I didn’t cross as many things off my list as I would have liked to, I did write a letter (and receive one!), put in a few hours for which I will be paid, devote some quality time and emails to planning a great weekend (for which I am EXCITED), pick Italian prunes, cut and arrange said prunes around the dehydrator to be dried, and prepare for an equally busy tomorrow.

Despite the periodic headache (whether induced by exposure to too many run-on sentences or the self-imposed pressure of an overambitious to-do list), I like being busy and having tasks to accomplish. I am more motivated to be productive when I have a full schedule (even if it is full of assignments like send resume to x,q, and g). And rest feels so much more deserved when at the end of the day the fatigue is due to reasons other than boredom.

This coming weekend I will again be in Seattle, (yes, I know, I should save myself all the driving and just move. I’m working on it.) so I won’t be able to enjoy one of my favorite parts of living where I do. On Saturday, we had a small fire out in the backyard. It smelled like autumn as the stars came out.

(bets were that the bright dot in the sky was Venus…but I haven’t bothered to check)

(30″ exposure. Definitely click for a larger view. There was another shot that had more star trails, but fewer stars. And if my tripod hadn’t been inside, I would have tried to get a constellation I recognize. Next time…)

Images © Sparsile


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