I will be writing again

I keep forgetting one very important thing (and not that he’s Captain Jack Sparrow – of that fact I am well-aware).

Next month is November! Aka National Novel Writing Month!
Since it also seems to amount as the only time I spend writing anything other than blogs, journal entries or correspondence, it seems in the best interest of writer!me to participate again.

And, although I did complete the task last year, the fairly insignificant plot produced leads me to look for a strategy  other than last year’s avoidance of “planning, outlining or preparing in any way, shape or form.”

Unfortunately all I have so far is that it will be in first person and possibly of the young adult genre. I have started collecting little stories from friends or overheard conversations, although this time around I am going to skip taking requests to insert people I know into the story.

Perhaps my ultimate goal should be a piece that I will want to then revise and revise and revise and send to a literary agent in 5 years. Seems a better end for my second novel than a folder on my computer and a proof copy lost in my stacks of books.

But such speculation is quite fruitless until I can come up with a main character and a plot!


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