Let’s be productive

I was going to draft a to-do list for October. Except we’re almost halfway through the month now. Oops.

Between some contract work I’ve picked up (yay!) and the fact that I am gone for the weekend almost as often as I’m around, I either don’t have as much time anymore, or I don’t manage the time that I have well enough. Possibly both.

Instead of having a List of tasks to accomplish in 31 days, I’ll settle for a handful of categories to tackle over the next three weeks.

  1. Personal
    – Re-memorize a couple piano pieces I used to know
    – Find a plot and main character for my novel
  2. Finances
    – Do as much contract work in a timely manner as possible
    – Keep applying for jobs
    – Avoid spending money
  3. Movingsince it might be happening soon?
    – Get rid of more stuff

Cue time management!


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