In ten days I will be on the verge of beginning my second novel.

Which does beg the question: why am I blogging instead of working on said novel (the plotting of it, at least)? Indeed, I imagine this question will be asked often in the next weeks. But on the bright side, this year my main character begins her story with a name, which was a lot more than could be said last year. Although, in my defense, it worked out. I was quite happy with the name that arrived some handful of days behind schedule.

Although the necessity of work, the planned move, and my own proclivity toward occasional sociability lead me to believe that I will not be able to spend November holed up and pounding out my 50,000 words. I confess some trepidation going into this endeavor, but I am somewhat comforted by the knowledge that I did it last year(!) and when I decide to make something happen, well, that’s what I’m going to do. Case in point will hopefully be this move which involves a significant rent increase (although any increase from $0 is significant) and no steady job. But I have this thing against failure (and if necessary, I’ll develop a thing against eating food that costs money).

Therefore! This glob of an idea in my head will become a novel! I make no claims as to its worthiness of coming into existence, but exist it shall.

One of the aspects of NaNoWriMo about which I am particularly excited is the “Write-In” – in other words the gathering together with other WriMos, collectively enduring the struggle to put 1667 (or whatever the number is) new words onto the page. I chickened out of going to any events last year, and I am determined this will not be the case again. There’s a sort of automatic bond (I imagine) one has with others who are participating in the same quest.

* * *

Speaking of quests…bonds…fellowships. It is official. Martin Freeman will be playing Bilbo in The Hobbit. When I first heard the rumors, I thought he would be perfect. Not only can he get away with being thought of as a younger Ian Holm, he perfectly suits how I wanted Bilbo to be portrayed in the films. I also have been thoroughly enjoying BBC’s Sherlock, in which Freeman plays Dr. Watson, though the prospect of Sherlock taking him away from The Hobbit was quite distressing. Needless to say, this official news has me utterly delighted.

AND, can it get better?! Yes. Richard Armitage will play Thorin. At this point he is not well known in the States, but without detailing how I became familiar with his work, I am incredibly excited at the prospect of his gaining a wider audience through this production.

And if the murmurings of David Tennant possibly being among the cast are an inkling of reality…I may fairly burst due to excitement.

Images © Sparsile


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