a Novel dilemma

Four days before November 1 (aka the Commencement of My Novel) and I’m having a crisis.

I’ve actually been having it since Monday when I was working on my plot and trying to line out how to tell the story.

Part of the problem has been that I boxed myself in too early by deciding I wanted to tell a young adult tale in first person. If I stick with this story, I think both of those guidelines will need to be jettisoned.

At any rate, today as I contemplated the (potentially stressful) busy-ness of November, I thought “wow, why don’t I just write a novel about my life in November?” Between moving, getting to know my new roommate, Harry Potter coming out, potentially going to two concerts, writing every day, hopefully working (or stressing about not working), and the everyday adventures…there’s bound to be enough to fill a hundred pages. The problem of course lies in finding a plot. And in the fact that it might be less than compelling. There is also the fact that it would likely then evolve to be very much like the last novel I wrote.

So, in light of the fact that this novel needs to start writing itself in four days, please help me decide what to write about.

Option A: the plot I’ve been working on for a couple weeks. Sci-fi/fantasy about an 8 year old girl’s experience as she finds out that her world is going to merge with another world that she becomes aware of.  Although I do know where this story goes, there are a lot of question marks about the other world and how to tell the story though.

Option B: a month in the life of your average 23-year-old. I’ll either have to invent a plot to work in or create a month-long plot for my life. Either way, it could be ridiculously interesting or incredibly boring and annoying to write.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “a Novel dilemma

  1. Well this poll isn’t helping you out a whole lot at this point, is it? 😉

    Honestly, knowing you and what you have coming up, I like this new idea of fictionalizing your 23 year-old life. You know the tone, the language, the setting, the characters…a plot can come out. And I don’t think you should beat yourself up should you choose this “easier” (which I don’t necessarily think will be easier) path.

    However. I think that you need to write the sci-fi eventually. ‘Cause I like it so far. 🙂

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