I was going to blog, but I decided that I should continue the packing efforts. You see, despite the fact that I took a car-load of stuff over to Seattle this weekend and convinced the friend riding with me to help unload it since I was his ride and he didn’t have anything else to do, I still have a fair amount of stuff that needs to be piled so I can evaluate whether it will fit.

I need to pack because I’m moving in less than two weeks. And in three days NaNoWriMo starts, so I need to get off to a loquacious start so that I won’t have to worry as much about my daily word quota when I move and need to put stuff away, and when Harry Potter comes out and I need to go to the midnight showing, and when I need money and will be working and finding funds through the internet.

So really, I should make more progress on this bit of figuring out what or how to write.

But it’s so much nicer to look at pictures from last week when the sun was still shining and my dad took me along for a motorcycle ride.

Images © Sparsile


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