Reading and ‘riting

I have a stack of books from the library (which is never a good way to start off a month of noveling).

Yesterday I started

I also have waiting in the wings

And for good measure…

Now. Miraculously this library does not charge late fees. While I try not to take advantage of this too often, it is occasionally a relief when I need to keep something longer than the due date. And since I am ethically bound to return the books, it’s only inconvenient for anyone who might be waiting for the book (or movie).

Looking at November and what it holds, it’s possible that I won’t read at all. But unlikely all the same. Books are necessary fuel for writing, and writing  is I will be doing. Last year I made the “mistake” of reading Mrs. Dalloway during November…and my writing at times reflected that in unending, reflective, stream-of-consciousness paragraphs or sentences. So in keeping with the below announcement, I think Hunger Games and Alice in Wonderland will be excellent companions next month.


I will be writing the sci-fi/fantasy novel that was originally the plan. 🙂
Perhaps I will pursue the “fictionalization” of my life via blog and subject you readers to actual anecdotes from my life (which I realize are often absent, hmm).


2 thoughts on “Reading and ‘riting

    • I got going on The Help today and could not put it down! It would be interesting if the dialect makes its way to my novel though, especially considering I think the main character is British! lol 😀

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