Nanowrimo – Week 1

Well here we are. November. Month of epic noveling.

Should be interesting, friends! I expect you will see me more often than you would expect. It often turns out that when I have something that I want to write, I will write anything else first. (However, don’t expect to see Monday Link Love for at least a month.)

I haven’t laid out any ground rules for myself as far as sharing the story goes, so whether you never find out the name of my main character or are instrumental in deciding what happens in chapter 27…who knows! You can track my progress to 50,000 words in the sidebar or on my nanowrimo page.

So, what distractions do I face this week, apart from the daunting task of assigning some 10,000+ words to a plot?

  • packing (thankfully there’s not too much left)
  • a potential day trip to Seattle for a job interview (in which case, I will also move a car-load of stuff too)
  • spending the weekend with my sister
  • getting together with at least three friends – on at least two separate occasions
  • tutoring online (there is a minimum number of hours per week they like to see people log, and I only need one more to hit that goal, but the necessity of paying rent suggests that I should shoot for more…)

I imagine this is going to be, by far, my lightest week. Therefore I am hoping to get off to a stellar start and leap off the starting block flailing in 45 minutes. The daily minimum to hit 50,000 by November 30 is 1,667 words. We’ll set my daily goal at 2,000, and the weekly goal at 12,000 (which I actually would like to hit by Friday when I leave to visit the sis).


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