Last night’s rain washed the skies of their fog and clouds. To be sure, I love me some fog creeping over the hills, but there’s something about a clear sky and warm November sun that makes the heart sing a little bit.

Yesterday, in between another which-story-do-I-write crisis, deciding that I should try to beat a friend’s 2400 first-day word count, and watching the cast commentary of the first disc of The Fellowship of the Ring, I managed to extract 3018 words and string them together in a way that constitutes some sort of meaning.

It would be nice to suck another 3000 words out of my veins today, but I’m keeping my goal at 2000. I should probably get to it, considering I scheduled myself for two (non-contiguous) hours of tutoring this afternoon. And I’ll be commuting an hour to meet a friend for drinks this evening. I want to be outside though! And I told myself I would integrate some form of exercise into the day. Perhaps a walk-run? Then come back and that will give me perhaps a good 2 hours to sit on the back porch with my laptop and convert Vitamin D into a novel.

Unemployment certainly has its pros to match the cons. I should take advantage of this, my hopefully last week of unemployment which is coinciding so delightfully with what may be the last sunny day of fall. The leaves are changing and fleeing fast. The first photo was taken 13 days ago, and the second within the last hour. Be back later, internets, novel. The sunshine is calling my name.

Images © Sparsile


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