In the interim…

I was sitting here, trying to write a blog before I up and move to Seattle tonight. Trying to think of a way to integrate the fatigue I already feel at having to unpack with the fact that I haven’t added a word to my novel since Thursday night, I believe. When there are too many things to say, I (too often, perhaps) err on the side of saying not enough.

So, while I was looking through my pictures, hoping to find one that might suffice instead of an actual post, Echofon notified me of @owlcity‘s latest tweet. I’ll be honest – I liked “Fireflies” as much as the next person when I got it as a free download from iTunes. I follow him because I often find his sense of humor amusing. Otherwise, I haven’t followed his blog or career.

But, in the effort to not write an entry myself, I decided to read his blog post.

And because I loved it so much, I’m going to direct you there instead of writing a post myself.


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