Life lessons are harder to learn than geometry

The sun is out in Seattle today. The south window of my apartment through which the light is streaming could use a bit of cleaning (note to self).

I moved on Monday night and have spent the week unpacking/organizing and feeling alternately panicked and confident in my job-situation. The situation being that my only source of income is from the 5-10 hours/week of online tutoring. I interviewed for a position on Tuesday that I did not get. I have another interview this coming Tuesday. The job market is such a catch-22 for directionless college graduates (and other demographics, I’m sure, this is just the one in which I have experience). Certainly there’s the business of not being able to get a good job without experience (but where do I get this experience if you don’t hire me?). And there’s the dearth of entry-level professional jobs. And the dreaded interview question relating to whether you want to make this company your Career. Remember that directionless bit? Maybe I do want x as a career, but I am not yet privy to that knowledge.

And lest you think I’m being too picky, allow me to point out that, in light of the pending necessity of paying December’s rent, I am seriously considering applying to my local supermarket. My dilemma is the fact that the staffing agency I am working with came through for me last year, and I don’t want to take a job that will prevent me from interviewing for and temping at better paying positions. However…minimum wage is better than no wage. (Second note to self: apply to supermarket)

Let’s be honest. There has been some second-guessing this week. Did I make the right decision in moving to a job-less rent-paying situation? This question will likely evaporate as soon as I can pay rent and am confident that the following month will be taken care of as well. Because I was job-less at home too (and had kind of stopped looking for jobs there). And in Seattle I not only have more friends around the city, but some a mere block away. Tonight I have the opportunity of hosting my first couch surfer. Although I know my parents love me and welcome me at home, I like being independent and not feeling as much like a mooch. Of course if I don’t get a job in time and have to ask for some help in paying rent, the whole self-sufficiency argument will be moot.

Regardless, this is probably a valuable life and learning experience. Hello, humility. I must have needed a booster shot of you.

And I always benefit from a reminder of the necessity of trusting in God. Maybe one day it’ll sink in enough so that it doesn’t take so drastic a tap on the shoulder. 🙂


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