Today has been epitomizing the quintessential post-fall/pre-winter day.

Leisurely morning (made all the better by crepes, courtesy of my French couch surfer) followed by sushi lunch with a friend. An overcast day like today calls for an afternoon nap and the delicious jazz music that never fails to remind me of this season. Add one of my favorite scents and a scarf, a quick two-block trip to the bakery for a baguette to share over dinner tonight at a friend’s place three minutes away… ahhh 🙂

I love this coziness. I think I might make myself a cup of tea and burrow down for a bit of noveling. The abysmal word-count on the sidebar (for those of you visiting the page) is accurate, I am sorry to say. Nanowrimo fell by the wayside. Spending quality time with the sister last weekend, moving, and getting settled have all taken priority over boosting the number of pages I’ve written. We’ll see how the rest of the month goes. Maybe I’ll shock everyone (myself primarily) and go to bed on December 1st with a complete draft written. If not, well, I will have had a good month regardless.

Images © Sparsile


One thought on “November

  1. 1. I love all your blog photos.
    2. I love that you had a French couch surfer who made you crepes. You have some of the neatest and randomest experiences.
    3. I love you, and I am praying for some clear direction reg. jobs and novel writing:) to come along in the very near futre.

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