It arrived in Seattle today. (And yes, this post is about the weather)

There were patchy spots of white on the ground when I got up around 6:45, and when I headed out the door, I found snow promptly gathering on my coat.

My bus never showed up, and the next one arrived 10 minutes late, so likewise was I late to the temp-job training I was heading to. But I was able to let them know and arrived as quickly as I could.

Snow was still coming down when I came home around noon, and although the streets were wet but clear, it blanketed the grass and kids made every effort to enjoy their half-day by sliding down a small hill in a nearby park.

I spent the afternoon with a blanket and episodes of Merlin. Later in the afternoon, I’ve been incredibly thankful that I came home when I did. A friend left Capitol Hill 3:45 and arrived in Greenlake (perhaps a 15-20 minute drive in good/light-traffic conditions) at 6:30. Snow + wind + sub-freezing conditions + traffic = bad news bears.

There’s maybe 2″ on the ground here, which realistically isn’t much, but for Seattle? It’s more than arrived in the entirety of last winter. Currently hoping that I don’t have any problems with the bus tomorrow morning and wishing that I had my snow boots but thinking that rain boots with extra socks will do in a pinch to keep the feet dry.


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