The weekend already feels so  long ago (and the next one so far away). But in today’s case this means I’ve been productive.

I woke up to my phone and a week-long temp opportunity (still don’t have a start date for the full-time job). I made my way there and, apart from earning money for 7 hours, was actually entirely unproductive. Without access to a computer, a quiet office lends to lots of time for reading. Unfortunately I quickly discovered that I disliked the only book I brought. Feeling disinclined to wait a half-hour for the bus to arrive, I set off walking in the direction of home. Forty minutes later the bus was just about to catch up with me when I decided to save my $2.25 and just walk the rest of the way home. Three miles in an hour is hardly breaking land speed records, but it worked. I then passed the next three hours by walking to the store, library and bank; posting an item for sale on two websites; taking out the trash and recycling; reorganizing my food; updating my budget; paying bills; and doing a load of laundry. However  un-relaxing the evening was, I feel accomplished for having almost finished today’s to-do list that I had laid out for myself when I anticipated having the day entirely to myself.

The, albeit unplanned, laziness of the weekend is but a distant memory. Waking up naturally, finishing books, sipping coffee with friends, cross-country skiing through the orchards, and cracking walnuts. Winter has already wrapped the valley in a blanket of snow, and as much as I enjoyed Thanksgiving, I am thrilled to have stepped across the threshold into the Christmas season (that blissful period of time during which I still like snow).

Images © Sparsile


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