Friends and food

Nothing like work to make the weekend more enjoyable.

And nothing like hosting a dessert party with friends to kick off a weekend.

I didn’t make much of an effort to photo-document the evening, but in case you’re wondering, these were my culinary endeavors.

Honey Roasted Walnuts
Sweet with the (sometimes unexpected) bite of cayenne. Tasty if rather sticky. And do not attempt this without parchment paper.

Peppermint Truffle Pie
Quite decadent. I was a fan. I substituted peppermint schnapps for peppermint extract (approximately 1 Tbl schnapps per 1 tsp extract), and it seemed to work. It did take almost 20 minutes longer to cook through, and it rose a good inch or two. The top was a little harder than I expected, but the inside perfect. It perhaps wasn’t quite the dish for this serve-yourself event, since it requires some “assembly” – what with the whipped cream, ganache, and crushed peppermint.

Apple Tart
Tasted good – presentation wasn’t spot on as my apples were a bit large for the size I cut the dough. Again, should have used parchment paper with the honey (or perhaps less honey).

I don’t think I’m naturally inclined toward “gourmet” food endeavors or hosting, but I think I could grow into it. The evening went well, and I have SO much food right now…anyone want to come over for some sweets?


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