Diagnosis: bibliophile

I like lists. I’m not sure whether this is an off-shoot of my desire to chronicle my life or my occasional organizational tendencies. Regardless, the internet possesses extensive documentation about the books I have read in my 23 years.

Upon finishing When You Reach Me, I realized that sometime this week (possibly tomorrow, depending how awake I am on the morning’s hour and a half of bus riding), I will victoriously bring 2010 into a tie with 2006 for the highest number of books read in a calendar year. Granted, this list-keeping is only truly accurate since probably 2004 or 2005, and I did read voraciously in elementary school.

All the same, I am excited to hit (and likely exceed) this record.
Plus it’s a good step if I’m ever going to break 100 books in a year, however arbitrary a goal that may be.

Side note: If you feel passionately about books (especially the printed ones) like I do, you will probably enjoy this lovely stop-motion film.

{via digital bowerbird}


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