These are the ways…

In which I am behind on life.

Fifteen blog drafts. (I keep coming up with great ideas for posts, but never get around to taking the time to do them justice)

Piles of clothes. (There is either not enough space in my room or I have too many clothes. Or both.)

Christmas presents. (I am excited about the DIY route I chose to take in some cases…however that means I have to complete them.)

In which I am dividing and conquering.

Italian Fries. (Last night I was feeling the need to clean out some space in my cupboard & refrigerator [sidebar: why does fridge have a “d”?]. While relative affluence is nice – I’m not complaining about a stocked pantry – it’s difficult to go through things when you are but one person. So in order to do away with some starches, I made some spicy rice and beans (with some modifications), and, for lack of other potato options, tried the fries. Apart from dealing with a too-small oven that forces cookie sheets to sit at an angle, they turned out. Of course now I have leftover fries – even though a friend came over to eat some – and leftover rice & beans. But I do what I can.)

In which I am frazzled.

30 minutes. (This is the amount of time remaining before I need to catch a bus to meet a friend who is taking me home so I can attend a wedding & birthday party this weekend. In that period of time I need to get dressed, dry my hair, pack, fold my laundry.)


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