the Joy of Christmas

While for the first week or so of December the “Christmas Spirit” was upon me, it has faded a bit recently. It is not so much disinterest as it is overlooking.

I’ve kept myself busy with the new job, trying to connect with a community group through my church, spending time with friends, celebrating (a bachelorette party, wedding, and birthday in the span of 8 days), and occasionally remembering that I need to finish a couple of projects.

There is also the decided lack of snow in Seattle that confuses my eastern Washington roots that equate a white world with Christmas.

Seasonal music helps, as does the Christmas tree in the corner and driving around with friends looking for houses decked with Christmas lights.

Logistics this weekend prevented me from attending church as I usually would, so yesterday I opened up a recent sermon podcast. Although it was unrelated to Christmas, being reminded of the gospel that redeems me brought to mind the joy that I have in this season.

However much I may enjoy the feeling of the holidays or delight in finding the perfect gift for someone, I am glad there is meaning beyond the feelings. And it’s when I remember the significance of Christ’s birth and saving work on the cross, I experience the greatest joy – both during the Christmas season and throughout the year.


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