What I saw

Do you have moments that remind you how awesome it is to bear witness to the world? I hope you do.

These are some of mine:

  • seeing the burnt-cream moon slide behind the Olympics as it set yesterday morning against a charcoal sky.
  • walking back from the bus after work and feeling at home in the neighborhood.
  • blue sky overhead and the fringes of a neon sunset on the horizon.
  • knowing that the Sound is less than a mile west, and beyond that mountains, and beyond that the ocean.
  • forgetting, for a split second, where I am and being transported to a sidewalk in Nice or a storefront in Paris or an intersection in Panama.
  • finding awareness of the passage of time in the absence of leaves on trees I passed under one fall afternoon.

The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his handiwork…
– Psalm 19:1


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