Not quite a gourmet

I’m not sure it’s an increased awareness of what I’m doing with my time or an actual increase in “domesticity”, but I’ve been cooking a lot lately.

One advantage to having friends live a block away is that I’m not the only one eating the food I make – which means it goes away faster so I can try new things. As much as I love chili, I am enjoying the fact that unlike last year, a full-size dish like that won’t last me a week and a half.

Some things, like this quinoa and chickpea salad, I think I would make in bulk and take for lunch every day of the week. Yes, it’s that delish.

(for lack of cranberries, I omitted them – and to use up some leftover black beans, threw those in there too)

And then there was Kathleen’s sweet potato and black bean “lasagna”/casserole. So delicious. I baked it in a 9×9 pan and had beans and roasted sweet potatoes left, and let me just tell you they were delicious on their own as well.

Molly’s chickpea and tomato soup was another great evening (and ensuing leftovers – actually I still have another bowl in the fridge). I topped mine with goldfish for an extra pop of cheese and crunch, but the rosemary and garlic flavor the soup beautifully.

This afternoon I’m off to a crafty girls’ day, and I have a fruit pie in the oven. I was going to bring some hummus and pita chips, but couldn’t find hummus at the store and was too lazy to keep looking. So I got some garbanzo beans and whipped up Camilla’s hummus (at 11:30 last night…).

Another benefit to these friends who live up the street is they like to cook too, and when I’m not following a recipe, we’re improvising.

As an appetizer to marinated chicken & rice, there was this unbelievably delicious combination of ingredients from our combined fridges and pantries. Toasted day-old sourdough baguette, Alaskan salmon, cream cheese (or goat cheese), and roasted peppers & onions.


(apologies for the cell phone photos and lack of food photography in general. I don’t have a knack for getting in-process food shots to look good, and by the time it’s done, my only thought is to dig in.)


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