This weekend I had the opportunity to spend Saturday afternoon and evening with a few other ladies. We ate good food, laughed, and flipped through magazines.

We created “dream boards” – although mine didn’t really start out with any sort of focus. But after clipping ads and headlines and photos, some themes emerged.

Pictures came together and I put together collages that, for whatever reason, are meaningful to me. One (not pictured) shows pictures I found of places I’ve been to serve as a reminder of what my history is.

The one below took me a while to piece together. As much as I rarely care to take the time to look for layers of meaning in art – be it written or visual, I do love to add them in my own pieces. Even though the layers may not be apparent to all viewers, I think (or hope) that at least the depth can be felt. Although this project wasn’t really intended for an audience, perhaps in time I’ll become more adept at foregrounding the different meanings to make them more accessible. Or maybe I’ll just keep at it as a method of discovery, because when you take the time to create, you’re bound to find something new.


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