I woke up to ominously gray skies and a blustery wind shaking trees of their notion that they have no part in the motion of the world.

With nothing on the schedule save the reluctant goal to leave the house and in one or two fell swoops, donate clothes I never wear and find some secondhand treasures, the morning got off to a late and lazy start. Upon revisiting the stock of my fridge and pantry, it seemed a trip to the grocery store might be advantageous as well.

But I opted to finish a book, page through hundreds of unread blogs, and enjoy a lazy Saturday.

As much as the sun and budding trees remind me that spring is nearing (and hasn’t really arrived in Seattle, but it’s close enough for me), a bit of gray isn’t always so bad (as my wardrobe will attest).

And now there’s a rain that promises to thoroughly nourish the growing things (and make my clothes damp, should I venture out), so we’ll save the errands for another day and cozy up with a cup of tea.

Before the rain came out, I ventured out my front door to enjoy a few of the signs of spring (and close the gate that was not latched and kept banging against the posts).


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