I should write poetry again.

Today was a three cookie day. If it were warmer, it would also be a day to walk a few miles in the almost-rain.

It’s a day whose perspective is on the other side of a kaleidoscope.

Can you even still find a kaleidoscope? Or a two-foot tall tin ironing board with accompanying iron, made to fit in a five-year-old hand?
Could I find the cafe that served tartiflette in Annecy on the one day I was there two years and four months ago?

I think I’ve been putting off thinking too long – or rather thinking to the necessary conclusion, since with me it’s not just thinking but overthinking that is the norm.


tension is to be loved
when it is like a passing note
to a beautiful, beautiful chord

[sixpence none the richer, ‘tension is a passing note’]


One thought on “I should write poetry again.

  1. You totally should write poetry again. And you can send it to me for critique and it will be just like college…well not really.

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