Bring on the flowers

Sun today, snow tomorrow. Or rather, sun this weekend and snow this week. After flakes fell yesterday there was a Great Panic that they would again fall today and wreak havoc on transportation (Seattle has learned it’s lesson and will continue to overcompensate for the November disaster). A few flakes fell in my neighborhood, but I would have had no problems commuting – had I not opted to work from home (I love this ability). Snow is again forecasted for tonight/tomorrow, but I will be braving the potential accumulation and trekking (aka busing) to the office nonetheless.

Spring! I am ready for you to arrive! There are daffodils and spindly purple flowers in my yard. Trees are budding and the winds keep trying to bring in warm temperatures!

Come a little farther into Spring, if I turn all nostalgic or retrospective, I imagine it will be interesting to see the difference in where I am compared to last year or two years ago.

But for the moment, I’m just pretty excited for the upcoming months (when I manage to keep the panic over a busy schedule at bay).

  • I’m transitioning to a new job with more responsibility, and a lot of potential for growth – both professionally and personally as the job will require a lot of me.
  • For the job, I’ll have the opportunity to pursue some additional training/certification.
  • I’m going to Ireland in a month!
  • I will probably get around to having another spurt of exercising semi-regularly. Maybe this time it’ll stick.
  • I’m again admitting (albeit begrudgingly) that my community is not in stasis, but I’ll enjoy the company of those around me while I can and build relationships.
  • I’m getting involved with a great community group through church.
  • Easter Sunday is going to be awesome, and I am incredibly excited.
    If you’re in Seattle on April 24, come on out to Qwest filed for a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. More details here

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