So close


I got home from work a little after 5 today. It was windy, and I was ready for a lazy evening.
Nonetheless, I summoned what little motivation I had and decided to go for a run.

Yes, a run.
The second this week in fact.

Part of the impetus to up the heart rate was a friend’s suggestion that I come along and run Bloomsday. Granted, 7+ miles perhaps doesn’t seem like the best first “race” for a non-runner to try. I might be better off with the 5k a Facebook friend invited me to next month.

But regardless, the invitation did serve as a needed reminder that I should tackle some goals. Namely that one about running a mile.

And I almost did it today. In fact I meant to.
After my pretty successful walk-run-walk-run 0.7 miles on Tuesday, I decided to stick with the same plan of attack. Walked some blocks, ran 2, walked 3 and then prepared to run the rest of the way home (yes, I did conveniently plan this route so that the “long”, consecutive run would be downhill). Based on the number of blocks I ran that Google Maps later told me constituted 0.7 miles, I figured tacking a few extra blocks on would bring me up to a mile.

But no.

Nine-tenths of a mile. And the rub of it all is that I could have pushed myself to go that extra tenth of a mile. Once I push through the initial agony (ok, exaggeration), it becomes a matter of endurance. And when I decide to run to x landmark – well that’s what I’m going to do. So next time, I’ll pull up Google Maps and plot a route that will carry me across this threshold. Maybe Saturday.

I still drag my feet into the running shoes (and maybe, as a different running friend has suggested, I need different shoes…but I can’t quite justify it when I already have 4 pairs… between the pair lost for 2 years that turned up after Christmas, the replacement trail running pair, and two different pairs of dedicated running shoes – courtesy of my roommate who’s a rep and has ooodles of running shoes in her office). But running hasn’t been so bad this week. It’s good to be outside and (getting) in shape and achieving goals. I made that life list that’s linked on the side, but I’m not doing much by way of crossing things off. Not sure whether this speaks to a lack of motivation on my part or unrealistic goals.


5 thoughts on “So close

  1. WHOA! I haven’t been on your actual blog in a while. I like the design change!

    Wanna do the 5k Jefff invited us to together? I was thinking it would be a good goal for me to reach right now. 🙂

  2. Yay! You were so close. How disappointing. I am glad you are running though and that my invitation (and others) has spurred you on. So much is mental and I think if you believe it, you can achieve it! Okay, enough of my encouraging…you rock. Love!

  3. But good for you. At least you’re trying. I’ve hated running all my life but lately have been thinking about it. It’s just that I feel old and I know I need to get up and do something. My husband has promised me we’ll do it come spring!

  4. I honestly HATE running, really I do, but I managed to train and run a marathon in the span of 7 months. It’s slow going and it takes way more time than it should, but no fear. You’re on the way!

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