1.77 kilometers

Take that, Seattle rain. With a little help from Charlie, I decided that, yes, I would follow through with my plan to run that mile today (since I didn’t do it yesterday).

It looked a little drizzly out (shocker), but by the time I donned my raincoat and stepped out the door, it was blowing and <i>raining</i>. I caved and didn’t even make it off the doorstep.

20 minutes later, the rain had subsided, so, gosh darn it, I was going to run!

I charted my route. It was about a two mile loop with the first half involving mostly walking with a 6 block bit of running in the middle. And when I turned that corner, I broke into a run and didn’t stop until I made it.

Yes, Kevin Rudolf was my driving motivation for the latter half of the run, though I may or may not have been replaying Chariots of Fire in my head during that last block.


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