Adios, Phoenix

Well, Phoenix it’s been real. I didn’t see much of you, but I did appreciate your unseasonably warm weather and blue skies.

After arriving late, I was delighted to walk past and under a heavenly floral scent. The next morning I realized they were orange blossoms on trees that were sprouting, yes, oranges.

Last night I tried some of your Mexican fare, thinking that being a southern-most state, it might be authentic. But while good, and I loved the blue corn tortilla, the place I picked had more of a New Mexico/Native American flavor. Which was good, just not quite what I was looking for.

On Thursday night, I stayed within walking distance of the hotel and visited a nearby Chinese restaurant. Apparently I was feeling adventurous because along with my mango shrimp, I tried sake (not my fave) and fried quail…which I should have expected to be rather sparse and in the shape of a bird. It tasted like poultry but was a bit more effort than I wanted to put forth.

During the day, I learned a lot (training being the point of my visit). And today I even took a certification test (you’ll be happy to know I’m pretty sure to have passed). But this meant I didn’t get to enjoy as much of your sun as I might have liked (those 10 minute and lunch breaks were my cue to seek out a sunny spot in the courtyard). And I, alas, did take advantage of your pool (apart from dipping my feet in).

Although I didn’t see much of you, I enjoyed the glimpse of hills in the distance, and your downtown skyline (although up close it didn’t look interesting enough to venture into when I had to get up at 6am the next day). I tried my hand (or foot) at running on your streets, but my calves got sore so I didn’t do much of that. But I do appreciate the lovely sunsets you orchestrated for my visit. Without mountains to break up the horizon, I was amazed at how huge the sun looked tonight (alas that my cell phone could not capture it, and only barely caught the splendour of Thursday night).

And now, I must bid you adieu to board my plane. I’m glad I had the chance to visit. And even if I love Seattle, I am loathe to leave your sun and warmth and flowers. But I know spring and summer will come shortly, and the trees will bear leaves, and Washington will bear glorious flowers too.


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