This time last week I was on a bus to the airport, saying goodbye to this place.

On Friday the government narrowly missed taking a time-out – or postponed it at any rate. Yesterday I saw (in Seattle) a broadcast of the London National Theatre production of “Frankenstein” – directed by Danny Boyle, starring Johnny Lee Miller & Benedict Cumberbatch (without a doubt a worthy substitute to being present in London and attending the performance in person). This morning I found out my tax refund was processed – with an additional $400 credit in my favor. This afternoon I entered a drawing for an all-expenses paid 7-day trip to Fiji. Tomorrow will be my first day on call for my job.

For perhaps the last month or so, I have been needing to stop and take inventory. Figure out where I am at and where I’m going. I have a calendar and a to do list, but they don’t speak to the heart of the matter. The matter being life.

Perhaps the world is simply going about it’s business of ascribing truth to the adage of fact being stranger than fiction, and I just never noticed before.

The problem – if there is one – if there is one that I can put my finger to the pulse of – is that I don’t have (or allocate) the time to let the breeze blow the chaff and cobwebs out. Spring cleaning, if you will. Maybe next month when my family will be out of the country and going home would make for a boring weekend, I’ll put off visiting friends and planning to be social, and I’ll go to the sea. It might just be an excuse, but I think a bit of time to clear my head would better equip me to sort out my current career and serving purposes – or at short term goals if nothing else.

But that’s a good month away. From what I can gather the next four weekends consist of either being on call, traversing the state, and/or Easter.

So I will to bed, anticipating a very Monday start to the week. Breathe in, out, and here we go.


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