A moment

Been busy. Yes, too busy to blog. The days run together, and I keep a calendar to remember what I’ve finished and what is left to be done.

Last weekend involved dinner at Delancey (all three times I’ve been there, the White Pie pizza has been among the options selected. Let that be a lesson to you, should you visit, that it is amazing), Easter at Seattle’s football stadium, and seeing parents and friends.

This week involved work, seeing friends, volunteering, and putting off the to-do list.

This weekend will involve seeing more friends (and celebrating one of those friends’ baby bump), “running” Bloomsday, and far too little sleep. Between the morning race/run/walk on Sunday, a 6am trip to the airport on Saturday, and a good 9 hours in a car/bus between the two days…I don’t anticipate getting past this fatigue business anytime soon.

Of course the midnight bedtime doesn’t really help. Ah, the ever-present dilemma of balancing sleep and functionality with the necessity of getting things done after work and the personal imperative to recharge (whether socially or mindlessly).

I’ll figure it out someday. Probably not by this weekend or next week or month. But someday.


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